Frederic Zhang

Dylan Campbell

Stephen Gould
The Australian National University University of Oxford
Australian Centre for Robotic Vision





Demo on Data in the wild

Qualitative Results

Detected human–object interactions on HICO-DET

standing on a snowboard

holding an umbrella

carrying a suitcase

sitting at a dining table

sitting on a bench

flying an airplane

holding a surfboard

wielding a baseball bat

riding a bike

holding a wine glass

holding a fork

jumping skis

holding a teddy bear

petting a zebra

sitting on a chair

riding an elephant

wearing a tie

swinging a tennis racket

holding a toothbrush

standing on a surfboard

Detected human–object interactions on V-COCO

carrying a backpack

cutting with a knife

drinking from a bottle

eating with a fork

holding a surfboard

eating a hotdog

holding a knife

jumping a skateboard

kicking a sports ball

eating a pizza

holding a tennis racket

reading a book

laying on a bed

sitting on a couch

riding a horse

talking on a phone

working on a computer

riding a boat

throwing a frisbee

riding a motorcycle


If you find our work useful for your research, please consider citing us

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